Fuel Polishing IndentMoisture is a constant problem here in the Pacific Northwest and is the major contributor in contaminating fuel tanks.  As the moisture enters your tank (primarily through your vent line) it creates a layer of water on your tank walls as well as the surface.  Additives help but over time bacteria growth builds and settles on the bottom of the tank creating a layer of of sludge when disturbed in rough water will quickly clog your filters.  Let us help you avoid engine shutdown which could  lead to a potential emergency or expensive towing fees.  We can accommodate tanks up to 500gl and we come to you! It’s all done inside your tank using the fuel you already have.  Essentially we pressure wash your tank, dislodging bacteria growth and then filter it through our portable system at a rate up to 1000 gallons per hour.  Depending on the level of contamination the process normally takes 4-5 hours per tank.  To date we have cleaned over 450 tanks.  We are mobile and service the entire Pacific Northwest.  We service boat tanks, RVs commercial vehicles, logging rigs, etc.  Whether you are a planning a short trip to the islands, or long term cruising to Alaska, Mexico, or beyond make sure you leave with clean tanks for peace of mind.